Fos Titan Beam Movinghead


Professional Beam with Super Prisms (16 facet+24 facet prism) and powerful, ultra bright OSRAM 7R Lamp (2000 hours) , 3 phase P/T motors , Solid Beam angle: 2.5° ,Anti-reflection 136mm front lenses , Control Channel:14/16 DMX ,11 colors , 16 gobos , Frost filter, Motorized focus from near to far (2.5M-30M) , 13.2kgs.

Fos Titan Beam

  • Light Source / Optics 

    OSRAM 230 Watt, with 2000 hours lifespan.
    Beam angle: 2.5°
    Large 136 mm front lens, provides uniform lighting field with no hotspot.
    Anti-reflection front lenses
    Improved optics and flat beam field
    164230 Lux @ 10 meters, 73170 Lux @ 15 meters.

  • Effects 
    11 colors & white with bicolor option
    16 static gobos & open, with beam reducers included
    Frost filter
    16 Facet prism with variable speed and direction
    24 Facet prismwith variable speed and direction
    Prisms can be both inserted on the beam and their rotation speed and direction is independently controlled.
    electronic focus with range from 2,5 to 30 meters.
    Fast Pan & Tilt movements
    Double blade shutter for dimming, strobe and pulse effects
  • Control 
    DMX control with 14 or 16 DMX channels
    Auto, Music modes.
    Manual control via the fixture’s LCD screen.
    Feedback for Pan/Tilt movement correction.
    2.4′ TFT LCD display (320*240pix)
    electronic ballast and power supply

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