Retro Vintage Stage fixture


Retro / Vintage style LED fixture, with 19 total sections with independent control. Consisted of 336 RGB, 87 WW & 45 White & Amber LEDs.


Retro Vintage Stage fixture

  • Description / Light Source 
    Retro / Vintage style fixture, based on 468x 0,8 Watt LEDs in total.
    The Hallo has LEDs in three sections: In the outer ring, the center of the reflector and on the back side of the mesh grid.
    The LEDs in the sections, are divided also in different segments:- 8 RGB segments in the outer ring
    – 8 RGB segments in the center section
    – 2 WW & A segments in the center section
    – 1 segment on the back side of the mesh grid.

    50,000 life hours approximately.

  • Effects 

    RGB, Warm White & Amber color mixing, independently in to different areas of the fixture, creating amazing optical effects and color shades.
    Dedicated DMX channel with auto, flow effects for fast programming.
    Separate shutter channels for each fixture section, for variable strobe effects.
    Impressive Warm White & Amber lighting output, creating a warming atmosphere with a vintage look, suitable for various applications, like in theaters, exhibitions, stages / concerts.

  • Control 
    Auto (Test Mode) & DMX control modes
    2, 7, 16, 51, 55 & 64 DMX control channels

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